Mini Movers is a programme devised for children aged 0 - 5 years and available in Nurseries, Pre-Schools or as general community classes.

Following the EYFS framework (Early Years Foundation Stage) we ensure children are learning & developing fundamental movement skills.

Our progressive programme includes Physical & Cognitive development; in particular advancing Fine Motor Skills, Balance & Co-ordination as well as much more.


We believe in teaching the values of a healthy lifestyle in a fun, accessible way using visual images & props.  The children learn the importance & benefits of exercise, healthy eating & rest which can all impact on their behaviour, also developing social skills with their friends.


The Mini Movers programme not only gets children Moving, the session also gives good practise in listening, taking-turns & following instructions ideal preparation for when they start school.


Every year that passes technology advances, our society is becoming ever more dependant with gaming, computers & television which subsequently leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. We are passionate about leading by example, our aim is to ‘Get Everyone Moving’ no matter what age or ability. We are educating parents, teachers, leaders who then in turn can help encourage children too - after all they are the future.


Our creative environment & interactive atmosphere allows the children to flourish.


If you manage or work in a Nursery or Pre-School & would like to discuss the Mini-Movers programme further please contact Lisa on 07541 527576.

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